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How "Leben und Erziehen" makes life easy.

In this interview, storyflash Managing Director Clas talks to Nora, Social Media Editor for "Leben und Erziehen" - about her social media strategy and how she shapes the brand's online presence.

Clas: Hi Nora, why don't you tell us what your day-to-day editorial work looks like, in particular how you identify content for the social channels?

Nora: Of course, of course! Our day-to-day editorial work at Leben und Erziehen is extremely dynamic. We use a special organizational tool in which all our published articles are collected. My job is to check which texts are particularly suitable for the various social media channels. In the case of daily news items, these are sent to me directly by the editorial team so that they can be published promptly on all relevant channels.

Clas: Depending on the publisher, we know teams that are really big, but also actually numerous "individual players" - how big is the team that looks after the social channels at your company?

Nora: The team that looks after our social media channels consists of 1.5 people. That's perhaps a little unusual, but thanks to an efficient workflow and various tools, we manage it well.

Clas: We keep getting feedback that the titles have different prio when it comes to SoMe channels, also always depending on the target group of the medium - if you had to sort the social channels by "importance" for you and your target group - what would the order be?

Nora: Yes, that's a good question. If I had to sort our social media channels according to importance for us and our target group, the order would certainly be as follows: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, then Whatsapp and Tiktok.

We don't currently use Snapchat and Threads. Our content is aimed more at families and Snapchat tends to be younger. Threads is currently not a priority in terms of our KPIs.

Clas: Ok, I see - let me ask you again, what purpose do the social channels serve for you? Are we talking about pure traffic, inspiration or even the sale of products?

Nora: Regardless of the channel, it's all about traffic for us. We also want to offer our followers entertainment via Instagram, impart important knowledge in a short space of time and engage intensively with our community.

As far as WhatsApp is concerned, we are still in the test phase, but it tends to have a newsletter character and serves to provide our readers with relevant information on a regular basis.

Clas: Of all the channels and formats, how important are Instagram Stories in particular for you?

Nora: Instagram Stories play a crucial role in our visibility in our users' home feed. As we are not a personal brand, i.e. not a face like an influencer or celebrity, link stories are particularly important for us. Of course, the traffic via link stories does not yet reach the level of platforms such as Facebook as we have been present there for longer, but the traffic has grown steadily over the course of the year and has given us valuable additional reach.

Clas: That sounds good - what has changed in the process and results since you started using Storyflash?

Nora: Since using Storyflash, we have been able to serve channels that are not normally a top priority for us, especially Instagram Stories and Pinterest. Without Storyflash, we simply wouldn't use these two channels as we don't have the resources to do so. Conversely, this would also mean that we would miss out on the reach and brand building on these two platforms.

On a positive note, we were able to record an average increase of 10-15% in clicks per Instagram link story in the last six months. Pinterest also shows slight but very steady growth. These figures speak for themselves and confirm that our social strategy, in which you are involved, is working

We would like to thank Nora Kouker for her cooperation and for taking the time to conduct this short interview with us.



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