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A Look Behind the Scenes of InStyle: Social Media as the Pulsating Heart of the Fashion and Beauty World

In today's fast-paced media landscape, handling social media is not only indispensable but also an art form for publications in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle sectors. Lead Social Media Manager Angela Gundolf and her team are behind the success of the renowned fashion and lifestyle brand InStyle. She provides insights into the editorial everyday life and reveals how they curate, prioritize, and publish content for their social media channels.

The Foundation of the InStyle Identity

"InStyle focuses on celebrity, fashion, and beauty news," explains Angela. These contents find their stage on various social media platforms, where followers expect current information about celebrity weddings, the latest hair trends from Hollywood, and the most impressive fashion moments on the red carpet.

A Team with a Mission

A small but dedicated team of two full-time employees and two interns is responsible for managing the social media presence. Despite their compact size, they manage to meet the diverse demands and rapid pace of social media.

Prioritization by Importance

When asked which social media channels are most important for InStyle and their target audience, the order is: Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube. Other channels like Facebook and WhatsApp pursue different goals and are managed by other teams.

The Purpose Behind the Channels

Each social media channel serves a specific purpose for InStyle:

Instagram and TikTok represent brand awareness and community engagement.

Pinterest serves as a source of inspiration and traffic.

"Especially Instagram Stories are highly valued by the team, as they are regularly used to draw readers' attention to the articles on"

The Process from Articles to Social Media Posts

The workflow behind each post begins with the online editors who write the articles. Subsequently, the topics are selected by the social media team and prepared for publication. Specifically for Instagram Stories and Pinterest Pins, the team uses Storyflash to efficiently and purposefully share content.

Pinterest - A Sleeping Giant

Pinterest, once a significant source of traffic for InStyle, has lost influence due to algorithmic changes. However, the team is determined to leverage this platform more effectively again to increase both traffic and shopping conversions.

"Currently, all our pins are automatically published on Pinterest using the bots we've set up through Storyflash. This helps us quickly convert numerous articles into the desired format and publish them on the correct board with almost no manual effort."

A Dynamic Everyday Life

The daily routine in the InStyle editorial office is characterized by dynamism and a constant focus on what is happening in the world of fashion, glamour, and beauty. With a small team pursuing big goals, InStyle manages to provide its readership daily with the latest and best from the world of stars, fashion, and beauty.

We thank Angela Gundolf for her collaboration and for taking the time to conduct this brief interview with us.

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